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HemaClear® Measuring Tape

Side 1: HemaClear® Measuring-Tape – General for 8 HemaClear® Models
Side 2: HemaClear® Measuring-Tape – General for Model A and Model F

The HemaClear® Measuring-Tape is used in conjunction with the HemaClear®  Selection Guide and HemaClear® Pressure Charts while applying the device.

It accompanies all HemaClear® products. It is printed on both sides to be used with the full HemaClear®  Product Line

HemaClear User-Guide HemaClear User-Guide
HemaClear® Protective HemaClear Cutting Guard HemaClear® Protective HemaClear Cutting Guard

HemaClear® Pressure Charts


HemaClear® Pressure Charts printed version

Pressure Chart HemaClear Small Pink Pressure Chart HemaClear® Small Pink
Pressure Chart HemaClear Medium Red Pressure Chart HemaClear® Medium Red
Pressure Chart HemaClear Medium Green Pressure Chart HemaClear® Medium Green
Pressure Chart HemaClear Large Brown Pressure Chart HemaClear® Large Brown
Pressure Chart HemaClear Large-Orange Pressure Chart HemaClear® Large-Orange
Pressure Chart HemaClear Large Blue Pressure Chart HemaClear® Large Blue
Pressure Chart HemaClear XLarge B&W Pressure Chart HemaClear® XLarge B&W
Pressure Chart HemaClear Model F Pressure Chart HemaClear® Model F
Pressure Chart HemaClear Modle A Pressure Chart HemaClear® Modle A
HemaClear Rolling-Tube with elastic band

HemaClear® Rolling Tube with elastic band

Tutorial for Rerolling the HemaClear® Demo Unit

  1. Place the following items on the table in front of you: Rolling Tube, Elastic Band, and the HemaClear® Demo Unit
  2. Place your hand inside the HemaClear® Demo Unit, pulling one of the handles towards the body. Continue to roll the HemaClear® as high as possible on the upper arm, while the handle is pulled across the chest.
  3. Following the application of the HemaClear®, roll the Demo Unit down over the hand till it has been removed.
  4. Unroll the Stockinet until the straps are in their original position, with the correct space between them.
  5. Fit the unrolled Demo Unit onto the Rolling Tube.
  6. Position the straps evenly on each side of the Rolling Tube.
  7. Apply the elastic band to the tube as shown in the video (1:39 mins). Make sure the straps are firmly stretched.
  8. Roll the Stockinet downwards and continue rerolling as shown in the video (2:15 mins). Always ensure the straps are tight and in the correct position.
  9. Prior to the final roll, remove the elastic band and finish rerolling.
  10. Release the Demo Unit from the Rolling Tube.
  11. Place the elastic band on the Rolling Tube for future use.
  12. The process is complete.
  13. Thanks for watching this HemaClear® tutorial.

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