HemaClear® Model F

For Hand & Wrist

HemaClear is an innovative all-in-one sterile exsanguination tourniquet that improves patient safety and saves time and clutter in the operating theatre.
Bloodless, dry surgical field – avoids risks of incomplete exsanguination.
Reduced incidence of post-op DVT and pulmonary embolism.
15-second patient setup time with HemaClear® application, no need for any additional equipment – Time saving vs traditional methods.

Watch our video tutorial and learn how to use the product

Directions for Use


If the circumference of the forearm at the desired occlusion location is less than 14 cm, use a stockinet to build up the forearm circumference to 14-16 cm. If the circumference at the desired occlusion location is not within the 14-34 cm range, use another appropriate HemaClear® Model.

Open Envelope

Insert the finger tips into the oval opening of the device application cup with the handles facing away from the patient. Verify that all fingers are inserted. Grab the handles firmly and pull them proximally towards the patient, along the forearm. The device will roll smoothly up the hand and the forearm.


The recommended placement location on the forearm is 10 cm (4’’) proximal to the wrist.


The HemaClear® Model-F™ is constructed with two segments of elastic stockinet. Once the device reaches the occlusion location, the distal sleeve (covering the fingers) can be easily pulled away and removed, or cut to reveal the surgical site. If it is decided to cut the stockinet, apply sterile water or saline, before cutting the stockinet. The surgical site may be covered with a sterile transparent drape if desired.
NOTE: Wetting the stockinet prior to cutting minimizes the amount of free fabric fragments.

Tourniquet Time

How to Use the
HemaClear® Pressure Tables

A brief training shows what you need to know in order to place HemaClear® correctly

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