Evaluation of a Novel Tourniquet Device for Bloodless Surgery of the Hand

Boiko M, Roffman M, The Journal of Hand Surgery (Br) 2004 April; 29 (2): 185-187.

This study evaluates a new device (S-MART ) for exsanguination and occlusion of the blood flow to the arm for hand surgery. The device consists of a silicone ring wrapped within a sterile stockinette and pull straps. It is applied by placing it on the patient’s fingers and rolling it up the limb to the desired occlusion site by pulling on the straps. The time for placement and removal of the device was measured during trigger release and carpal tunnel surgery and the quality of exsanguination was evaluated. The device could be placed and removed quickly and provided an excellent bloodless field. At follow-up examination no signs or symptoms were seen at the site of the S-MART occlusion and no complications were observed in any patient.


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